Madison Mohawk Invitational Champions

December 16, 2018

The Campbell County wrestling team captures their 27th NKAC conference title

The wrestling team won the Madison Mohawk Invitational Saturday December 15th.

Individual Placers:
Jonah Bowers – 1st
Jeremiah Wilbers  – 4th
Jason Holden – 3rd
Nate Schneider  – 5th
Micah Bowers  – 1st
Jacob Woodard  – 1st
Kyle Richmond  – 4th
Owen Stacey  – 2nd
Thomas Ketchen-Carter  – 1st
Preston Agee  – 5th
Ron Shackelford  – 2nd
Brandon Richmond  – 1st
Max Elsbrend  – 6th
Michael Leicht  – 2nd
Casey Rauch  – 1st
Hunter Arthur  – 4th

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Ian Polatka

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