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Boone County JV Invitational

Posted On: April 26, 2014 Posted By: Michael Stevens

Boone County JV Invitational 4/25/14

On Friday Night at Boone County High School, the Camels’ JV track teams competed in the Boone JV Invitational and many of the athletes turned in their best performances of the year so far. The Girls’ team finished in 6th place, while the Boys’ “A” team came in 4th and the “B” team came in 6th. The top performances for the girls were:

  • Emily Schiller finished 5th in the 100 Meter Hurdles
  • The 4×100 Meter Relay of Haley Parnell, Kaylee Johnson, Madysen Wilbur, and Kristen Schack finished 5th
  • Emily Combs, Rachel Steffen, Lindsey Ross, and Abby Tiemeier finished 5th in the 4×200 Meter Relay
  • Haley Parnell, Kristen Schack, Abby Tiemeier, and Alisha McGrath finished in 3rd place in the 4×400 Meter Relay
  • Alisha McGrath finished in 5th and Lindsey Ross finished in 7th in the Long Jump
  • Kaylee Johnson finished 3rd in the Discus

The top performances for the boys were:

  • Zach Craig finished 5th in the 100 Meter Dash
  • Josh Haller finished in 7th in the 400 Meter Dash
  • Nolan Padin won the 800 Meter Run with a time of 2:25.77
  • Alex Reinmueller finished in 4th place in the 1600 Meter Run
  • Brad Geiman finished 3rd in the 110 Meter Hurdles
  • Brad Geiman and Jared Manser finished in 4th and 5th in the 300 Meter Hurdles
  • Adam Burbrink, Tony Drew, Jake Verst, and Zach Craig finished in 3rd, while Dalton Bates, Gabe Richardson, Damien Blades, and Greg Carson finished in 6th in the 4×100 Meter Relay
  • The 4×200 Meter Relay of Grant Combs, Luis Riera, Dalton Bates, and Damien Blades finished in 2nd place with a time of 1:47.94
  • Josh Haller, Nick Padin, Nolan Padin, and Shawn McGrath finished 4th in the 4×400 Meter Relay
  • Josh Haller, Nick Padin, Nolan Padin, and Jared Manser finished 5th in the 4×800 Meter Relay
  • Caleb Lacy won the High Jump
  • Adam Burbrink finished in 2nd, Caleb Lacy finished in 7th, and Dalton Bates finished in 8th place in the Long Jump
  • In the Triple Jump, Dalton Bates finished 3rd and Caleb Lacy finished 5th
  • Nick Wilson came in 1st, Elijah Rece came in 2nd, and Marcus Born came in 6th place in the Shot Put
  • In the Discus, Elijah Rece finished 3rd and Marcus Born finished in 7th place

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