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Durr Meet and NKAC Meet Recaps

Posted On: January 30, 2017 Posted By: Ian Polatka

Below are updates from the Durr Meet and the NKAC meet:

Durr Meet

(St. Henry, Holmes, Calvary, Cooper and CCHS)

Girls Team 2nd
Boys Team 3rd

Medley Relay
Girls: 3rd Meiser, Songer, A. Loesch, Schumacher
Boys: 5th Penrod, Cartwright, Loesch, Neiser

200 Free
Sophia Smallwood 5th
Justin Cartwright 8th

200 IM
Abbie Loesch 1st
Foster Loesch 4th

50 Free Nolan Neiser 10th

100 Free
Grace Meiser 2nd
Sophia Smallwood 7th
Emme Schumacher 11th
Beckett Penrod 9th

200 Free Relay
Girls: S. Loesch, Schumacher, Songer, Meiser 4th
Boys: Cartwright, Neiser, Penrod, Loesch 5th

100 Back
Abbie Loesch 1st New School Record–1:06.92
Sophie Loesch 7th
Kristen Feiler 10th
Foster Loesch 1st

100 Breaststroke
Justin Cartwright 6th

400 Free Relay
Girls: Smallwood, Songer, Meiser, A. Loesch 2nd

NKAC meet

Combined   4th
Girls 6th
Boys  6th

Medley Relay
Girls:  6th  Hedger, Morris, Smallwood, Meiser
Boys:  5th  Nerenberg, Loesch, Stephany, Neiser

200 Free
Sierra Lackey 11th

50 Free
Grace Meiser   10th

100 Free
Caleb Nerenberg   6th

500 Free
Colten Stephany 3rd

200 Free Relay
Girls 7th  Schumacher, Lackey, Meiser, Hedger
Boys  6th  Loesch, Neiser, Stephany, Nerenberg
100 Back
Paige Hedger   6th
100 Breaststroke
Anna Morris    7th
400 Free Relay
Girls 3rd Morris, Lackey, Meiser, Hedger
Boys   6th  Loesch, Neiser, Stephany, Nerenberg

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