Gutsy last minute call gives the Camels the win

Posted On: September 28, 2012 Posted By: Ian Polatka

If you missed tonight’s game, you missed one of the most exciting finishes of the last few years.

With around 4 minutes left the Camels started what would be the game winning drive from their own 38. They pushed their way down the field as the clock continued to run. Win 45 seconds left the Camels scored a touchdown pulling them within one point of the Pioneers 27-28. Even though #2 Stewart Knaley was having a great night kicking the ball, the Camels elected to go for two.

They lined up for the two-point conversion, the ball was hiked, #18 Tyler Durham tucked the ball and pushed his way up the middle putting the Camels on top 29-28.

With 45 seconds left the Pioneers had a lackluster kickoff return to their own 19 yard line. They would move the ball just 7 yards and fail to convert on a 4 and 3 play. That would give the ball back to the Camels who would run the clock out.

After a few costly interceptions early in the game, the Camels found themselves down 14-0. But, they came back and finished the game strong.

With this win, the Camels sit all alone in first place in the district (1-0). Next week they travel to Dixie Heights to play their second district opponent for the 2012 season. Come out and cheer on the Camels as they look to defend their 2011 district title.

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