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CCYFL: Schedules, Coaches, and More…

Posted On: June 20, 2013 Posted By: Stuart Chowning

Football is right around the corner!!!  And, the CCYFL has made a lot of progress as a league.  There are several items we are excited to share with you:

1) Equipment Distribution — THURSDAY JUNE 27 @ AEC (by Central Office)
1st/2nd  6:00pm-6:45pm
3rd/4th  6:45pm-7:30pm
5th/6th  7:30pm-8:15pm

We will distribute Helmets, Shoulder Pads, and Game Pants this night.  The league has worked to improve the fitting process to ensure your child’s safety.

NOTE:  It is not too late to get registered…but, time is running short.  Please sign up and get your neighbors and friends signed up too!

2) Coaches — have been identified for the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade levels, by school.  Please see below for your student’s coach.  Feel free to reach out to them now..

Cline/Crossroads (5/6)
George Kyle

Reily/Grant’s Lick (5/6)
Bryan Cartwright

Campbell Ridge (5/6)
Ron Shackelford


Cline/Crossroads (3/4)
Matt Clark

Reily/Grant’s Lick (3/4)
Ray Hodge

Campbell Ridge (3/4)
Lester Beckner
Contact Info Coming

3) Schedules — are being created as we speak.  In addition to playing our internal teams, CCYFL teams will compete against Dayton, Ludlow, Bellevue, and Red Devil’s teams.  We will have final schedules in July.  In the meantime…here are some dates that may help:

  • Equipment Distribution –>Thursday 6/27
  • First Day of Practice –> Monday 7/15
  • First Games –> 8/15 (approx)
  • Last Day of Reg Season –> 10/6
  • Post Season –> Week of 10/14 (based on scheduling needs)


As you can see…we are going to have a great year!  Again, It is NOT too late to sign up…but, please make sure you have done so at/before Equipment Distribution.  This is necessary for team scheduling purposes.

Thanks for all you do as parents/grand-parents/guardians to make this league great!  See you 6/27!

Stuart Chowning
CCYFL, Director

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