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Camel Store Getting New Home

Posted On: December 5, 2012 Posted By: Ian Polatka

As part of construction of the new addition to Campbell County High School there will be a new space for a larger Camel Store. The new store will be quite a bit larger than the existing “room” with approximately four times more room. This will allow for the Camel Store to offer a better selection of existing items and to also expand its offerings of Camel Pride items.

The current Camel Store is located in the concession area and sells mostly apparel and smaller Camel items. It is currently open during lunch and most sporting events. The store is operated by Campbell County High School students that are in the Financial Services class taught by Mr. Florimonte. Students are responsible for the operation of the store from sales to keeping inventory.

The new Camel Store will be located outside of the auxiliary gym and will have a separate entrance where Camel fans can shop during school hours. The store may also be open during sporting events occurring at the high school. The expanded size of the new store will enable Campbell County to offer a lot more items that they weren’t previously available to offer due to the limited size of the existing store. Some of the items that they are hoping to be able to carry are letter jackets, stadium chairs and a larger offering of their embroidered clothing. The new store is expected to open sometime in the spring of 2013.

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