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KHSAA 3A State Meet Recap

Posted On: November 3, 2019 Posted By: Toni McKee

The weather for the KHSAA 3A State Championships could not have been better. 52 degrees and sunny was magnanimously better than the regional meet! Throughout the week, we analyzed rankings, times, and strategies to give us the best performance possible. Our Camels stuck to their plans and almost all finished well above their expectations. Full results:

Girls Race:

The Lady Camels were serious and focused during their final warm-up to the line. There was no doubt they were out to finish first in our region to avenge our place last week. The ladies knew they had to get out strong from the line in a tight pack, where just a difference of 10 seconds might hold 20 places. Olivia Holbrook ran her fastest 1-mile split yet and stuck with the front pack. Running her first high school state meet, she experienced the adrenaline and strength of the state leaders. This will be a valuable experience over the rest of her high school career as she moves through the ranks. Her 16th place finish put her first in our region again, the first 7th grader to cross the line, and only 1:13 from the experienced state champion. Freshman Emilie Zengel (45th) also got out strong and worked her way through a tight herd. She picked runners off easily and surpassed her rank by 10 spots. She was the 16th of 70 freshmen to finish. Her hard workouts and disciplined concentration on lead runners will only get stronger and tighter. Kylie Little (57th) was 15 seconds behind. She once again jetted from the start and attacked the race with vigor and drive that earned her a season best time. Having fought through obstacles early in the season, she has come through in a big way when it mattered most in the post-season. Kaitlyn Strange (90th) continued with her calm consistency and crossed the line just 27 seconds behind Kylie. Kaitlyn has been a dependable staple in the Lady Camels front squad and her finishing well ahead of her ranking was a huge push for the Camels. Emma Hogle continued the pattern of achieving goals this week by finishing above her rank as well. As the only senior for the ladies this weekend, her dedication and steady leadership were evident as she pushed her team forward. Junior Savannah Krift continued to fight through injuries sustained last week in region, and finished hard in tandem with Sophie Loesch, cinching the Camels Varsity Pack. The ladies finished 12th of 37 scoring teams, which was our rank. We also also finished as the first team in our region, achieving our goal and solidifying our lead of Region 5.

Boys Race:

The varsity boys went to the line Saturday determined to close the gap on regional competition. The team knew they had their work cut out for them to make up the deficit of missing our injured number one runner. Senior Anthony Ronnebaum set his sights early in the season on being in the state meet and never let go of that goal. His work ethic and tenacity all season put him in position to achieve that goal. He started off hard and placed higher than his original ranking. He secured the Camels one spot for the week and finished his high school career on a high note. Freshman Colin Grothaus was leading the Camel Charge at one point, and continued to cling to Anthony’s heels, finishing just 7 seconds behind. Colin’s strength has grown exponentially over the season and his toughness is going to put him in the lead early next season. Junior Adam Ruschman finished with his best time on the Horse Park course and he finished just 16 seconds behind Colin. Adam is a fighter who digs and claws his way through the pack, and that fight will put him in a great position to lead this team in the future. Sophomore David Howard continued to fight to hold on to Adam in the line up. He fought hard to also beat his rank and finish just 21 seconds behind Adam. Corey Robinson claimed the last scoring spot for the Camels, running ahead of his goal and forcing a 1:21 one-five split for the Camels. Freshman Brady Baker experienced his first state competition and the speed with which the pack takes off. He continued his strong push, especially in the last 700 meters as he accelerated with grit and determination, just 22 seconds from Corey. Following close on Brady’s heels was Junior Ethan Schwalbach who stepped in for the Camels just one day before the meet and running above his rank as well. This team stepped up to fill some holes this week and ended the day with 34th place, just short of their goal, but a great accomplishment considering some obstacles this week.

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