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Lexington Catholic Invitational Results

Posted On: October 11, 2018 Posted By: Toni McKee

Meets during our fall break are always tough, but especially after coming off a few weeks of intense training and big racing.  Saturday showed evidence of tired legs. Facing unseasonably warm temperatures, the Camels hit the plateau mark of our training. Our bodies build in cycles, so we will be gaining strength and coming out of this down- regulation even tougher. 

In the boys race Noah Slone finished 22nd of 136 runners, while Jordan Hartig came in 54th this week.  Corey Robinson claimed the Camels three spot with 68th, and just ten seconds behind David Howard finished 76th.  Rounding out the top five this week was Anthony Ronnebaum, giving us a 1-5 spread of 2:18.  This is a little more spread out than we have been rolling; with absences and illnesses among the team hopefully on the mend, we will tighten that back up.  As a team, the boys finished 12th of 16 scoring teams. 

In the girls race, being down two of our normal top seven spread us more thin than we are accustomed to with a 1-5 split of 6:18.  Kylie Little started off hard and improved her mile times, finishing 9th overall of 127 runners.  Beam Kumkerd continued her movement in the ranks and finished 13th, while Allie Franzen finished 17th. Our next Camels fought hard, with Noel Slone in 53rd, and Sophie Loesch in 103rd wrapping up the scoring Camels. The ladies finished 7th of 16 teams, and 3rd among our regional competition.

Remember that even though our times may not show it, we had a tough race and are prepared to face down our region in just a few short weeks. 

Full results can be found:

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