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LexCath Invitational Recap

Posted On: October 8, 2017 Posted By: Toni McKee
Last Modified On: October 13th, 2017 at 10:43 am

The Lexington Catholic results are up on Milesplit, although they are missing the mile splits right now.

In the boys race, Christian Slone pulled in an 18th place of 170 runners. Jordan Hartig clinched the Camels’ 2 spot this week at 59, and Noah followed closely in 66th. Anthony Ronnebaum (another PR!) continued his downward descent to faster times at the 4th Camel in, followed by Colton Conroy and Corey Robinson (personal best time) As a team, we finished with a 1-5 split of 1:53, faster than last week and placing 13th of 20 scoring teams. The Camel pack keeps coming in closer and packed tighter, on the verge of busting out soon. While some of the Camels looked a little leg tired, overall the times were near what we expected. After having a small peak at Ryle last week, if we plan well and follow that plan, our next big drop should come just in time for region. Stay focused and stay positive just a little bit longer, and we will see those results!

Although it had warmed up a little more for the Lady Camels, overall the girls were focused, present, and determined for their race. As mentioned with the boys, having a slight peak last week at Ryle meant that this week’s times might have plateaued a bit, but we are looking for our peak in a few weeks. Sidney Reagor went out a bit more conservative this week but ran a faster mile time, putting her in a great position to hold on to 9th place throughout the race. Savannah Krift (personal best time!) ran an excellent race, staying consistent with her miles, and Noel Slone, Devan Carrigan, and Beam Kumkerd all had faster times this week than Franklin on the same course a few weeks ago. The ladies were able to hit a team place of 10th of 20 scoring teams, and third among regional competition. The Lady Camels continue to improve each week and have much potential for a state showing this year.

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