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Posted On: October 29, 2016 Posted By: Ian Polatka
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It is hard to believe we have run our regional race already and are looking to the state meet this week!  Saturday was a beautiful day, even though it was a little warmer than we are accustomed to at this time of year.  Times all day, in all classes, showed the challenge of the temperatures, so we knew going into our race that our focus should be on place, not times.

The boys led the day with a 1:30 PM start, facing into the sun.  The Camels proved themselves a team of class as they requested the other regional teams to join them in a prayer circle to honor a runner in our conference facing health issues, as well as to pray for safety for all in the race. Other coaches from other schools made sure to make their way to us and compliment our young men on their show of solidarity and sportsmanship.  We knew at that point, regardless of what else followed, our Camels were winners.

In the race that followed, the dog fight we knew would take place for state qualifying proved to be even tighter than we had imagined.  The push for the 4th qualifying team position, resting at a tie, came down to the 6th man, as predicted. Ryle edged SK with a 6th man a mere 10 seconds ahead, and the Camels were pushed to 6th place overall, missing qualifying by just 10 points. the boys were disappointed, especially given some did not have their best race and had been focused so intently.  Strange things happen in the post season of sports, sometimes we are on the upside of that, sometimes the other.  Christian Slone withstood the heat of the race and claimed the 5th individual qualifier position, which means he’ll be representing the Camels at the KHSAA state meet next weekend.

Final Place Camel Runner Finish Time
12 Christian Slone 18:15.47
24 Matthew Howell 19:05.55
27 Jordan Hartig 19:11.30
33 Colton Conroy 19:28.88
42 Dan Chamberlain 20:19.25
52 Anthony Ronnebaum 21:36.89
53 Anthony Schwarberg 21:59.52

When the Lady Camels took to the line at 2:15, they were staring directly into the glaring sun. As the gun sounded, the sun was at its most intense of the day.  The summer-like temps definitely played a large part of the race as the top 10 runners of NKY all finished in a very different order than predicted and expected.  Sidney Reagor took 8th place overall.  Allie Franzen continued to work her strategy of running consistent miles with a conservative start and was able to reign in a 17th place finish.  This position means she  will join Sidney as individual state qualifiers representing the Camels at the KHSAA state meet next weekend.

Overall the Camels placed 7th out of 9 teams, and although this didn’t meet our end of season goal that we set early in the year, it still puts us ahead of last year.  As our young Camels grow and improve with experience, they are headed for great things. Some of our inexperienced Camels stepped up this weekend and worked hard for their team.  There is never disappointment in integrity!

Final Place Camel Runner Finish Time
8 Sidney Reagor 21:29.96
17 Allison Franzen 22:23.47
43 Devan Carrigan 25:34.43
53 Samantha Schultz 27:31.47
57 Lauren Ginter 31:08.85
58 Emma Owen 32:33.66
59 Sarah Reynolds 32:40.36

Christian, Sidney, and Allie will run at state next week, on the same time schedule at the Horse Park.

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