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Campbell County Championships Recap

Posted On: September 21, 2016 Posted By: Toni McKee

Last night at the Campbell County Championships, the Camels combined girls and boys scores put the Camels in 2nd place among all the teams in Campbell County. The Camels flew out of the gates bringing home the greatest number of t-shirt awards in about 10 years!

In the Girls race, Sidney Reagor busted off the line and finished in 3rd place in a battle for the top three spots that lasted the entire race. Vanessa Neiser pounded out the course with an 8th place finish, and Allie Franzen rounded out the Lady Camels Award winners with 10th place. The ladies were 2nd place among the girls teams working hard to fill the gaps.

In the boys race Christian Slone and Bryan Howell charged the course from the beginning, quickly separating from the completion. The Dynamic duo clutched the 1-2 positions with Slone claiming the crown as the number run runner in all of Campbell County. Nipping at their heels was Freshman Jordan Hartig who snagged 5th place, Anthony Schwarberg in 9th place, and Colton Conroy in 10th. The team was 1st in the boys competition.

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