Cross Country Teams Still Climbing

Posted On: September 21, 2020 Posted By: Stuart Chowning

In our first 5K of the season, the Camels worked on their times, and most either achieved their goals, or came extremely close.  Noah Slone started off strong in the mix of the top pack, and as the race progressed, picked each runner off. In a smart move on one of the last hills, he overcame the lead runner and took first from there with a time of 17:42.  Adam Ruschman looked much more smooth and comfortable with the 5K distance this week and finished 10th, claiming the last of the top 10 medals and finishing with a time of 18:41, well below his goal. Colin Grothaus (21, 20:04) and Aiden Bauer (22, 20:04) pushed each other through the finish line with great kicks to boost the Camels. Ethan Schwalbach was right one their heels. He once again claimed the Camels 5th scoring position with 23rd place and a time of 20:10.  This gave the Camels a 1-5 split of 2:27. Still some room to work on that pack, but we are chipping away at it! Corey Robinson (27, 20:41) and Brady Baker (28, 20:42) also finished in tandem and not far behind their teammates. Kyle Weinberg broke into his first high school 5K in 21:00, running faster than he thought he could, with Josh Yang was close behind with a 21:36.  From this point on, the Camels continued to roll in. Morgan Reynolds ran a personal record times of 22:48 and continued to show he is serious about his varsity goals. Jackson Stewart (44, 23:07) and Oscar Bankemper (45, 23:08) pushed each other through the race and finished hard through the line. Zach Demoss (53, 23:40), Braden Neiser (54, 24:26), Garrett Eglian (65, 25:15), and Brandon Robinson (72, 28:04) rounded out the Camels team. Overall the boys team finished 3rd of 7 scoring teams, and set the stage for the remaining of the season.

In the Girls Race, Emile Zengel led the Lady Camels with a determined and competitive start.  Finding herself a Camel among Mustangs, she proved that Camels can run with the horses. Her 8th place finish and time of 21:49 earned a medal and led the ladies to the 3rd place finish. Kaitlyn Strange (22:44) just missed top 10 after a very strong race, and Kylie Little stuck by her side pulling in 12th place in 22:54. Noel Slone continued to chip away at the pack, claiming the Camels’ 4 position this week, finishing 18th with a time of 23:47.  Grace Moloney moved into a scoring position this week with a 24th place finish and time of 24:35, while Kennedy Johnson finished her first high school 5k  close behind in 31st place and a time of 25:06. Abi Bauer (39, 26:03)  also completed her first 5K at the high school level, and less than a minute behind Kennedy. Destine Fury led the second round of the Lady Camels with 45th place and 26:59. Haley Deegan finished her first 5K race with a faster start than last week and continues to work on her consistency.  Tricia Verst proved to herself that she CAN run a 3.1 mile race and finished hard through the finish with running buddy Sydney pushing her to her potential.  The ladies finished with a 1-5 split of 2:45.  If we can get that just under two minutes, we will have the pack we need to achieve our regional goals this year.

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