Lloyd Memorial falls 8-2 at the hands of Campbell County Camels Varsity

March 26, 2015


Campbell County Camels Varsity beat Lloyd Memorial on Wednesday 8-2 in seven innings.  The Camels scored four runs in the second on an RBI double by Robert Metz, a wild pitch, an RBI single by Willy Cox, and a sacrifice fly by Brady Sansom.

Blake Losey led the Camels offensive threat, as he got on base two times in the game. He tripled in the first inning.

Johnny Eblin got it done on the rubber on the way to a win. He allowed two runs over four innings. He struck out two, walked one and surrendered two hits.

Hatton was the game’s losing pitcher. He lasted just three innings, walked one, struck out two, and allowed five runs.

Campbell County Camels Varsity didn’t relinquish the lead after scoring one run in the first inning when it scored on an RBI single by Dawson Hogan.

Campbell Countymore stats
Blake Losey 221010
Carson Plessinger 100000
Brady Sansom 210110
Dawson Hogan 402200
Matt Reynolds 400101
Gabe Kremer 301001
Cameron Edwards 100000
Kevin Skinner 311000
Colton Hartig 120000
Robert Metz 403100
Josh Reynolds 311010
Willy Cox 411100

2B: Robert Metz
3B: Blake Losey
TB: Willy Cox, Dawson Hogan 2, Gabe Kremer, Blake Losey 3, Josh Reynolds, Kevin Skinner, Robert Metz 4
RBI: Brady Sansom, Willy Cox, Dawson Hogan 2, Matt Reynolds, Robert Metz
SF: Brady Sansom
ROE: Carson Plessinger, Josh Reynolds, Robert Metz
SB: Brady Sansom, Dawson Hogan 3, Blake Losey 3, Colton Hartig


Team QAB: 18 (50.00%)
Brady Sansom 3, Willy Cox 2, Dawson Hogan, Gabe Kremer 2, Blake Losey 2, Matt Reynolds 2, Josh Reynolds 2, Kevin Skinner, Robert Metz 3

Team LOB: 8


E: Dawson Hogan, Johnny Eblin, Robert Metz
DP: Willy Cox, Dawson Hogan, Josh Reynolds

Campbell Countymore stats
Johnny Eblin 4.07326220120.644
Alex Franzen 3.03513200100.629

W: Johnny Eblin
SV: Alex Franzen
HBP: Johnny Eblin
BK: Alex Franzen
Pitches-Strikes: Alex Franzen 35-22, Johnny Eblin 73-47
Groundouts-Flyouts: Alex Franzen 3-5, Johnny Eblin 6-3
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Alex Franzen 8-12, Johnny Eblin 14-18

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