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Below is the schedule for next week’s practices…with games quickly  approaching we are going to try and get outside as much as possible so please make sure to have clothes for both inside and out.  We also have a scrimmage scheduled for next Saturday but as of right now we do not have a field that will be playable but we are working to get something figured out, but we will most likely do something on Saturday.  We also may need to change some practices around so that the boys may support the basketball team on their quest to win the 10th region at Mason County.  As of right now they play Monday night.  If they win they will play again Tuesday and I will have to figure something out considering it looks to be our nicest day of the spring…I’m trying to keep everyone as informed as possible but now is when things change on the fly, we can’t get on the Turf until at least 5:00 and if we get some warm evenings coming up we may go under the lights on the football field when possible.  I will send out emails and I will put on Twitter (@camelsbaseball) and on the baseball facebook page and at  If you ever are not sure send me an email and or text and I will let you know as I have found half the text I send out to the boys they don’t always get for some unknown reason.

Saturday 3/8

JV/Varsity 2-6



JV/Varsity 2:30-4:15

Freshman  4:00-5:30



All 3 Levels outside 5:30-8:30 (Supposed to be 66)


Wednesday 12th

JV/Varsity 2:30-4:15

Freshman 4:00-5:30


Thursday 13th

JV/Varsity  5:00- 7:15

Freshman 7:00-8:45


Friday 14th

JV/ Varsity 2:30-4:15

Freshman  4:00-5:30


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