Eastern Kentucky University Relays Recap

The the EKU relays the boys team finished 10th and the girls team finished 9th. Combined the camels finished 8th. Below are notable finishes.

Medley Relay
Meiser, Morris, Hedger, Lackey 6th
Hartig, Cartwright, Nerenberg, Stadelmann 9th

200 Free Relay
Songer, S. Loesch, Meiser, Lackey 8th
Combs, Stadelmann, Hartig, Chamberlin 10th

200 Back Relay
Feiler, Kumkerd, Daffron, Hedger 11th
Nerenberg, Hartig, Chamberlin, Combs 5th

100 Free Relay
Songer, S. Loesch, Feiler, Meiser 6th
Chamberlin Cartwright, Combs, Stadelmann 9th

400 Mixed Medley
Hedger, Morris, Nerenberg, Cartwright 3rd

200 Breaststroke Relay
Songer, S. Loesch, Lackey, Morris 6th

400 Free Relay
Meiser, Morris, Lackey, Hedger 4th
Cartwright, Chamberlin, Combs, Nerenberg 3rd