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The day has finally come – the first football practice of the season! We are SO EXCITED to get this season started!

We just wanted to send a few reminders to get us started this season.  We will have a brief parent meeting at 6:00pm at the center of the practice field.  Please be present.  We do recommend planning to get to practices early, especially these first two weeks, so players are ready to start at 6.

Practice starts Monday, July 17, from 6:00-8:00pm at Crossroads Elementary.  Parking is very limited, so please plan to park in front of the school and walk back to the field.  There are restrooms on site, but are available only through a coaches’ pass.  PLEASE do not park next to the dumpsters!  We are a football family, so please feel free to bring siblings and watch practices.  However, supervision is required for kiddos playing on either of the playgrounds.  This is school property, so no tobacco, illicit drugs, or alcohol use, and no firearms are permitted on premises.

The first two weeks of practice are hectic – getting paperwork, answering questions, and getting to know your coaches, team moms, and kiddos.  Please be patient.  Once we get through Jamboree, we will be smooth sailing! Team Moms will be posted with tables by the concession stand to drop off paperwork and answer any questions.  There will be a Team Mom taking attendance for acclimation.  Please be sure your athlete checks in for attendance, so they do not miss an acclimation day.

We will practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the first 2 weeks for acclimation purposes.  Below are the acclimation guidelines:

Practice Days 1&2: Helmets Only
Practice Days 3&$: Helmets and Pads Only (No Full Contact – Intensity of drills and activities should slowly and gradually increase as part of the acclimation period)
Practice Days 5&6: Full Pads (Full Contact)

Please be sure your player comes to practice the first night with their helmet WITH mouthguard/chinstrap, cleats, shorts, and shirt.  And, LOTS and LOTS of water.  It will be hot in those helmets!  On your player’s 3rd practice, they should wear their helmet WITH mouthguard/chinstrap, shoulder pads, practice jersey, shorts, and cleats.  On your player’s 5th practice, they should wear their helmet WITH mouthguard/chinstrap, shoulder pads, practice jersey, padded pants (including knee pads), and cleats.

Every player playing tackle must be weighed-in by the league.  To be weighed-in, players must have completed acclimation and have ALL paperwork.  Team Moms will be gathering paperwork for their respective teams.  Players are unable to run the ball until they are weighed in.  Our goal is to have every athlete acclimated, with ALL paperwork completed, to be weighed in to play in Jamboree.  The first weigh in will be the second week of practice.  If players are unable to weigh in at that time, there is a second and last weigh in the weekend of August 26.  Once days/times are confirmed, we will advise.  No player is eligible to run the ball until they are weighed in.  No player is eligible to play if not weighed in by August 26.  The following paperwork is required for weigh-ins:

  1. Current Photo of Athlete
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. KHSAA Sports Physical (A copy of the form is attached. The first 2 pages MUST be completed and it          must be signed by a physician – that is what the league will verify.)
  4. NKYFL Contract (Team Moms will circulate these for signatures the first week of practice.)

Here is the schedule for Jamboree.  Youth teams will share the field with Midgets and Juniors during their game time.  Please plan to be there at least an hour before your scrimmage time.  Parking is always limited due to the number of teams, so please plan accordingly.  We are hosting Jamboree on Sunday, July 30.  This is a great fundraiser for our program as it will serve over a thousand people throughout the day.  We will be asking for volunteers to assist in making this day successful.  Information for volunteering will be at the Information Table at practice this week.

CCYFL Jamboree Schedule Available – Camel Pride

After Jamboree, we will go to practices Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Due to our large number of athletes, we are working for additional games during the week to allow for all kids to get playing time.  More information will follow, but please understand that may affect practice days and locations.  We will communicate any changes as soon as we receive.

Please be prepared for weather disruptions at the start of the season.  We utilize the KHSAA guidelines for weather cancellations and delays.  We will practice in rain, as long as there is no lightning/thunder.  Our largest weather barrier at the start of the season is the heat.  KHSAA guidelines indicate we CANNOT practice with a heat index of 104 degrees F.  This heat index is NOT the temperature.  It is a measurement that is taken on the field of play.  On hot days, the Athletic Trainer will be assessing and advising on our activity.  ALL communication via weather impacts will come through Facebook first, then your team apps.  Please be on the look-out for those questionable days.

If you have not received your equipment and/or are missing equipment, we will be providing equipment those first 2 weeks of practice as we receive shipments.  Please talk with the Equipment Manager, Tyler Hardy, regarding any equipment needs.  We will ensure every youth is fitted in equipment for the start of the season.

We will send communication for the league through email and our Facebook page – Campbell County CAMELS Youth Football. If you have NOT received a league email, please respond so we can add you. If you have not already, please request to join on Facebook – pictures and the most up-to-date information will be posted there.  Every team will have at least 1-2 Team Moms.  Team Moms will be your point of contact for paperwork and ALL things during the season.  If you have not heard from your Team Mom, please let us know.  We are looking for a Team Mom for the Flag Team, so please let us know if you are interested.

Below is a copy of the game schedule for the season.  Times may vary, so we will confirm and send updated times the week of the game.

Important Dates – Camel Pride


Please note, we host games 4 games this season – 2 at CCHS, 1 at CCMS, and 1 at Crossroads.  For JUNIORS – Please note, 6th Grade Recognition Night will be held at the home game on 09/23.

Our league is based on volunteers and the fantastic parents that we have.  We do expect every parent volunteer at least once to assist.  Every home game is a fundraising opportunity, so we want to be sure we use to our benefit.  Positions may change and we will update those volunteer opportunities as that occurs.  Every game requires 3 people on chains, 1 time keeper, 1 videographer, 3-5 personnel in the concession, and 1 announcer.  We strongly encourage parents volunteer for the game prior since athletes are required to be present an hour before game time.  We want to allow parents to be able to watch their kiddos play.  Below are the links for Volunteer Sign Ups:


09/02/23 Home Game Sign Ups

09/09/23 Home Game Sign Ups

09/23/23 Home Game Sign Ups

09/30/23 Home Game Sign Ups


The CCYFL does participate in the Homecoming Parade.  That date is typically set after high school schedules, so we will update when dates are confirmed.  Team Moms will reach out with more information as that date nears.

Our goal is to teach your kiddos the game of football and prepare them to be strong, respectful, student athletes.  That starts at home and on the field.  Players must maintain good academic standing to continue to play and must not have attendance and discipline issues in school.  If there are concerns, please reach out – we want to help support your athlete.  We stress our goal of helping grow your athlete.  Please be respectful to other players, other parents, coaches, team moms, and most importantly – referees.  We have no tolerance for disrespectful behavior.  Please discuss any concerns with your coaches and/or team moms, but outside of practice time and not on the field.  Our players and coaches come to work every practice and we want to value that time.  It is critical that your athlete is present at practices.  Practices entail going over plays and building on skills.  Missed practices can impact playing time.  The CCYFL is the BEST league and we have the BEST kids, BEST parents, and BEST coaches.  We plan to continue that tradition.

We hope everyone is ready to embark on the craziest, but most amazing, next 4 months of FOOTBALL!  We are EXCITED and ready to play some FOOTBALL!  We have some Super Bowls to win!

Any questions, please reach out.  We will see you MONDAY!

Let’s get ready to HUSTLE, HIT, and NEVER QUIT!  GO CAMELS!!

Coach Jeremy Reis

CCYFL Director

Junior Head Coach

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